Friday, September 3, 2010

Coffee Across America, or the World?

At the end of my last blog, I mentioned that I wish I could sit down with all of the Aurorean's poets. When I first started the Aurorean, I always intended to hang up a National Geographic-sized world map and stick a pin in specific locations that represent each poet published. I never did that. I wish I did.

My husband and I have always talked about something of a tour, a road trip if you will, called Coffee Across America. We envisioned hitting the road (between issues, of course), and attempting to have a cup of coffee (or tea, or whatever) with every poet I've published (at least those reachable by land, and of course, those that are not deceased). Now, I think, if I could do it (if I had the time/the motor home, the finances/the full-time until-further-notice Assistant Editor), I'd probably spend the rest of my life doing it. Because there are so many. Because a cup of coffee is never enough! We'd talk poetry into the wee hours and my trip would consequently and consistently get off-schedule. And I'd never get back to my corner of Maine to resume publishing the Aurorean. And that doesn't even address the issue of visiting with poets in places like Malta, Germany, Uzbekistan.

I'm fortunate to have met many of "my" poets over the years—at readings and poetry gatherings. But most of the "meeting" is by letter, by e-mail, and sometimes social networking. And each meeting is special, whether it's someone brand new to us or someone whose handwriting is so familiar by now that I can spot their submission in a big stack of mail. We'll continue to cherish those personal connections and meetings as long as we publish.

But just in case, if anyone knows anyone who'd like to finance a poetic road trip, you know where to find me.


  1. Hi Cynthia, This is my very first blog entry--to anyone! I'm not even sure I can find this google blog site again.

    I want to tell you that I have always LOVED the Aurorean. It is a quality publication, and because I also LOVE my writing, I'm fussy about where it goes in the world.

    If you're serious about a tour, you're welcome to stay at my house in Weymouth, MA anytime!

    : )


  2. ...and we can have a cup just about anytime. But can I have tea?

  3. Susan and Anne, thanks for the comments!
    Susan, it's so nice to hear someone talking about loving their own writing—that's something we forget sometimes as poets to honor our own work! And thanks for the offer—if we do ever sell our home on the South Shore of MA and I get to do a poetry tour, I'll take you up on it for sure!
    Anne, true...we can have a cup most anytime! I hope to see you at the Maine Poets Society meeting!
    :-) —Cynthia

  4. Perhaps then a shared cup 'in spirit' would suffice for now(?)
    Imagine how great it would be for all of us united in our love for poetry--and privileged to be part of the Aurorean family--to toast each other's talents,past,present and future(!)
    Let's put Cynthia in the number one spot, for it all started with her! :) Natalia

  5. I'll toast to a shared cup "in spirit," Natalia!

    But I'll give the number one spot over to everyone who has appeared in (and otherwise supported) the Aurorean over the years—for without you all, it would all be just another nice idea, like a pretty new car with no engine or seats.

    I may steer it and press ever-forward, but I wouldn't get far! :-))

  6. If you're ever in Sequim, WA (or even Seattle, I will drive three hours to see you) my home is open to you. And you know we have the best coffee up here in the land of the Vamps! (any Twilight fans?I'm an hour from Forks, WA)

    You're the best Cynthia. I consider us to already be great friends, even though we have never met.


  7. I consider us friends who have never met too, Bridgette! That coffee sounds heavenly....