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2012 has been a whirlwind! 

The first part of the year had us super-busy with promotion and sales of Nectar, the (amazing) winning manuscript by Lisa Bellamy of Brooklyn, from our first yearly chapbook competition (published in December of 2011). If you missed out on that news, click here (where you can also link to PANK's review): Nectar has been wonderfully received.

We're gearing up for and already taking submissions in this year's contest. Publication will again be in December and the winner will receive $100, 50 copies, 10% royalties and various promotional items. For downloadable guidelines, click on the above link. The deadline for online entry fee of $15/registration is 9/1/12. So polish up your very best (and please follow guidelines carefully)!

We are very happy to announce that beginning this year, we will offer publication contracts to a select number of finalists in each year's chapbook competition. 

January was an exciting time for me with the release of my co-edited anthology, Women on Poetry: Writing, Revising, Publishing and Teaching (McFarland). My co-editors on this project are Colleen S. Harris and Carol Smallwood. Women on Poetry has garnered great reviews, including a two-page spread in The Writer (March 2012) written by Lee Cart who said, in part: "Imagine having more than 40 fellow female poetry writers all gathered in one room, all willing to give you useful advice on the how and why of writing poetry. One by one, these women pull you aside and whisper in your ear their individual take on the writing process or the publishing world. They give you checklists, worksheets and questions to ponder. They provide personal examples from their own writing lives to help you learn what they have learned. Their overall intent is to improve your own poetry-writing experience and to convey their love of the writing process and of poetry in general." And then there's this quote from Supriya Bhatnagar, Director of Publications, Asssociation of Writers & Writing Programs (AWP): "This excellent and most comprehensive collection of essays, by some of the finest minds in contemporary poetry, encompasses everything a student or teacher of poetry is looking for." Colleen, Carol and I hope this book will find a home in many Creative Writing classrooms (McFarland offers free examination copies to instructors at and on the shelves of women poets of all walks of life. Women on Poetry is available from the publisher, Barnes & Noble, or on Amazon (in paperback and Kindle):

Much of late winter and early spring were spent putting together our Spring/Summer Aurorean (Volume 17; Issue 1).  We debuted the issue during National Poetry Month at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival's Small Press & Literary Magazine Fair. The issue sports a purple lupine on the cover (one of New England's most welcome spring sightings) and features the poetry of Dave Reddall and Kimberly Cloutier Green along with over seventy-ish other poets. Link right to the issue (and to our YouTube video featuring a poem each from our Featured Poets) at We have already begun reading for Fall/Winter 2012–2013 (pub. date: late October) and look forward to your submissions (received-by deadline: 8/15/12).

Pictured below are your editors, Cynthia and Devin, enjoying the Small Press & Literary Magazine Fair:

Presently, we find ourselves full of excitement to announce the Aurorean's first-ever reprint anthology, The Aurorean Editors Present a selection of Favorites from the first fifteen years. Devin and I spent months pouring over the first fifteen years of Aurorean issues. We chose many poems that we considered "favorites," but eventually narrowed our selection down to approximately ninety poems from seventy poets (from over 1,000 poets we'd published). It has been a huge undertaking, from the reading to the selections, to tracking people down, some of whom we'd lost contact with—and are delighted to be back in touch with. We are aiming for an end-of June publication date and hope you will enjoy the compilation. The anthology will contain three sections, "Seasons," "Meditations" and "New England" and will include a retrospective introduction from me, tracing the journal's history and milestones. It will be finely and specially produced for this occasion, perfect-bound with approximately 100 pages. You can pre-order now at

By way of individual-editor news, Devin is busy putting together the next issue of the Unrorean (Summer/Fall 2012: pub. date mid-July). You can reserve a copy here:

And I am looking forward to late June when I will be attending the Conference on Poetry and Teaching at the Frost Place. I have wanted to attend this conference for years, but illness prevented me from doing so. I'm happy to report that my Lyme disease is under control and I am feeling much better. I love the poetry of Robert Frost, I love his "Place" in Franconia, New Hampshire (I try to visit every year for inspiration) and I am delighted to have been accepted to work with Director Baron Wormser (former Poet Laureate of Maine) and Associate Director, poetess extraordinaire, Dawn Potter. My work will be focused on teaching haiku to and workshopping poetry with elementary students—a passion of mine. For more information on the Frost Place, visit If you are in the White Mountains, add a visit to the Frost Place to your agenda. You'll be glad you did. (See website for information on visiting times and hours.)

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  1. Congratulations, Cynthia and Devon! The Spring/Summer issue of The Aurorean is WONDERFUL! Beginning with that gorgeous cover and continuing on every page!
    This edition of All Aurorean News is also wonderful! I so enjoy learning all of "the latest"(!)at Encircle Publications and particularly agree with Ms. Bhatnagar at AWP: Women on Poetry is definitely a volume EVERY poet should own! (as I do!)
    Am now looking forward to "Favorites"!!--and to learning about Cynthia's unforgettable trip to the Frost Place.BEST part: her health now allows her to do this!
    SO many happy events ahead for all of the fortunate readers of the Encircle family!